SEO Keyword Research Mapping

SEO Keyword Research Mapping

In creating a successful online marketing program, it is crucial to understand the journey of the B2B buyer from awareness, to vendor validation to finally sales readiness. These B2B buyers target a set of keyword in a local SEO Toronto program. They establish a list of keyword research, this way the SEO can prioritize this list basing it on where these keywords can resonate in the buyer journey.

There are a number of things to be kept in mind here, such as searching for certain keyword targets that would define the content marketing objectives that are present in these results.

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 Understand the Intent of the Search Query.

Before the evaluation of the results of the search engines, we must consider why B2B buyers use search engines for finding solutions to their requirements. There are usually three types of intent that are associated with such search targets.

  • Informational Intent- are search queries that are representative of information seeking objectives. In other words, it is the intent to research on a particular topic of interest.
  • Navigational Intent- is related more to the evaluation of the topic you were finding information on. An example can be brand-related queries.
  • Transactional Intent- are often related to the purchasing of something like, ordering something online.

Identification of Content Marketing Objectives.

There are patterns to be considered by the B2B marketers while reviewing search engine results for certain keywords.

  1. The percentage of the vendor-specific products or solution-based web pages at the top of the first page.
  2. The percentage of articles addressing certain questions, pages of definitions or lists and practice pages.
  3. The type of ‘People Also Ask’ questions raised in the search results, and also if there is an admixture of blended results, for example, images, scholarly article or videos.

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B2B Buyer Journey and Mapping Example based on Keyword.

Here taking the theme ‘customer experience’ we shall explore 3 keyword targets associated with it. They are, customer experience ‘management, solutions and management solutions.’

Customer Experience Management

Once you type this on your search engine you will notice that at least seven out of the first ten results will deal with the definition of the given topic and also include certain basic information. Other results may include a software review and a list of strategies related to the topic, and also one product listing.

You will also find a ‘knowledge panel’ at the top right hand corner of the page, usually leading to Wikipedia definitions, and also a “People also ask” panel at the bottom of the page.

Customer Experience Solutions

If you search for this keyword you are sure to find that almost nine out of the ten options on the first page would provide you with product information and vendor solutions. Google takes such searches as an interest of the B2B buyers towards a buyer journey. This can thereby be seen as a more sales ready option or target in the B2B buyer’s journey.

Customer Experience Management Solutions

Using such a long title may give the impression of less competitiveness in terms of searching for a solution. It can be more fruitful in local SEO Toronto searches and targeting. But after analyzing it has been found this may actually make the search tougher and trickier than the keywords used before. Five out of the ten results displayed on the first page may be comparison or review based. There will also be vender solutions and two other articles.

A well-constructed page may have a chance at success eventually, keeping in mind that the vendor solutions have a visibility in the reviews. This phrase lies somewhere in the middle, between the other two. So it might actually provide a better vendor validation and also better and thorough fathering of information.

Other steps in the process.

Once the definitions and information are found and taken care of; executing content marketing and also local SEO Toronto tactics that are there for the improvement of the webpage is the next step.

These are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. When creating web page contents, understand the existing factors related to the search results and address areas of opportunity.
  2. A plan of action is necessary, in order to address the expectations of the searchers or even exceed them. This plan maybe based on the best kind of materials available in the search results and on their patterns.

This needs a lot of attention to detail. Mapping of keywords will help markets to communicate better as the types of leads that will be generated will go better with marketing objectives in a broader sense and will also match targets of local SEO Toronto.


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